How You Can Winterize an ATV

There is need to properly store your ATV during winter because its engine can be damaged by ice. In addition to this, road salt is corrosive and has the capability of wearing away the undercarriage. You can learn the basics of winterizing your ATV and avoid paying for shop charges to winterize so that the life of your utility vehicle can be extended.

Every inch of your ATV should be properly washed and you can use an old toothbrush to reach remote areas. Oil and mud can wear away at surfaces with time and cleaning it thoroughly before storing for winter is a good maintenance practice. Additionally, you can hand-wax it after it is dry so that an added protection can be provided for it.

Furthermore, the oil and filters should be changed so that the utility vehicle can be protected from excess dirt which can settle in the engine. Gas stabilizer should be put into the fuel tank and the tank should be filled with fresh gas. Premium gasoline should be used if you want to get the best results. Your ATV should be allowed to run for a few minutes so that the stabilizer will be able to work through the carburetor. Turn off the vehicle as well as the gas valve while the chain should be properly oiled.

The battery should be disconnected and pulled out. You should charge it if necessary and make sure that the terminals are cleaned. Keep the battery in a place where it cannot freeze like a heated breezeway which is more desirable than a cold garage. The battery should be kept away from the reach of children because its acid is corrosive. It is important to store the battery on a high shelf or locked in a cabinet and should not be placed directly on concrete so that its power is not drained.

Push your utility vehicle into a garage or shed because it is not advisable to store it outside in the winter climate. It should be placed on blocks and the tires should be filled to the right psi so that they can be prevented from weather cracking. The use of expensive jack stands is not compulsory as you can make use of cinder blocks or heavy plastic milk crates. You should tarp the ATV so that excess dust and vermin can be kept at bay. You can also leave an open can of wax on the floor under the tarp so that the smell will ward off chipmunks, mice and other small pests.