How Cold Is Too Cold To Ride A Motorcycle?

As the weather changes, people think about changing their attire to complement their overall motorcycle styling as well. This is mainly because they want to stay cozy, safe and still want to enjoy their riding experience. However, most people say that it is too cold to ride a bike while others enjoy riding their motorcycle in winter. People living in Canada and Russia think that negative temperature is cold whereas, people living in US and Mexico think that even 15-17 degrees are far too much. There is no doubt that geographical area and human capacity also matter. Apart from this, the way your body reacts to cold and how much fat you have in your body will also matter.

In the case of motorcycle riding, it is not all about the body. You also need to think about the motorcycle. Within a motorcycle, you have a lot going on and when you are on your way you also need to think about ice and how it is going to affect the overall friction and traction. Most people complain that although they enjoy riding their motorcycle in winters they face issues regarding slippery roads that in the long run cause accidents as well.

The main question here is what exactly we mean by too cold to ride. Is the actual version of too cold to ride applies to all or it is highly dependent on the heat insulation and the geographical region?

How Cold Temperature Affects The Riding Experience?

Overall there are so many different things that you need to focus on when you plan to ride. One of the basic things is the safety, of your motorcycle and the effect temperature will have on your body. Some of these facts have been listed.

  • During cold winter nights, fog and darkness mix and limit the vision. As a result, it gets very dangerous for the rider to ride their motorcycle easily and safely.
  • A cold gust of wind reduces the body temperature as a result most people report child burn, frostbite, and Hypothermia. In this condition, try to keep your motorcycle engine running and use the warm exhaust air to heat your hands
  • Another very important thing is the impact on friction. In summers when the road gets warm and sticky, the rubber tires get very sticky and this can affect the riding experience. Similarly, when the upper think crust of ice gets very slippery you will find it hard to ride your motorcycle. The best option is to get winter tires for your motorcycle so you can easily have enough grip for a safe ride.
  • During winters when people try to stay warm, they end up getting riding suits fitted within thick padding and inner lining filled with cotton. As a result, this thickness restricts their movement making it very difficult for them to move while riding the motorcycle. It is better to get something that is breathable, thin yet warm so you can stay cozy without feeling like it is suffocating your body.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you might find contradictory views about being too cold to ride. However, most people think that just below freezing or zero degrees can be claimed as too cold to ride. The main reason is that this temperature limit directly affects the body as well as the function of the motorcycle. The fresh snow when gathered makes a soft layer but you can easily ride through because tires offer better grip to the soft snow. However, as the snow becomes old and due to friction the upper layer converts to water everything becomes slippery. As a result, you will struggle with riding your motorcycle and this might end in the form of disaster as well.