What Is Off-Road Motorcycle Navigation And What Is The Best App For It?

Owning a motorcycle means you are instantly more adventurous and you love to enjoy extreme adventure sports including dirt biking, dune biking, and much more. The idea of off-reading is that you have to ride your bike anywhere possible, especially at places where you can satisfy your adventurous soul. So people take their motorcycles to deserts, dunes, sandy beaches, mountains, and on hilltops to enjoy. However, all these things come with a price. Since these places are not safe for riding you need to make sure your motorcycle is equipped enough for these adventurous terrains and you also need to make sure that you are skilled enough to ride at all these places.

Most people rely on the use of GPS and navigation apps for planning and redirecting when they are traveling. So far it is known to be the fast and most reliable method. However, when it comes to off-roading, there is a high chance that your usual navigation apps might not work. They usually have loopholes and do not show details. This is the reason you need specialized navigation apps that can help you plan and execute your off-roading trip as well.

Top 6 Feature That You Should Look for in a Good off Road Navigation App

Once you jump into the app store, you will find multiple applications that will claim to be the best off-road navigation apps. However, you need to select the one that will be suitable according to the requirement of your trip. Here are some of the basic features that your road navigation app must have

  • Navigation apps must work online as well as offline
  • Available for both Android and iOS
  • The navigation app must have all the pit stops mentioned that can help you plan your refueling and redirection detail
  • It must also include basic tips that will help you know how to make the most out of your trip
  • Your navigation app must have the facility to record your data so you can see where you have been and where you need to go
  • Y8our app must have a rich data system that extends beyond the standard road and street system that is currently being offered in most built-in navigation apps.


This is a simple and easy-to-use app. It is available for both apple and android users. The best thing is that this app works both online and offline. This map offers you access to the biggest map library. At any given moment you can download the map and use it for navigation.

Locus Maps

This is a very good app for beginners as well as experts. It has voice instructors and out-of-route alerts as well. The basic version is free however if you want to upgrade you need to pay.


Simple and easy to use, this app is available for both android and apple users. The best thing is that you can load the map and it will work on its own through offline storage. This is best for people who want to visit places where they might end up losing signals. However, to improve your user experience you might have to switch to the paid version so you can explore more.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, good navigation apps can help you make your overall road trip much safer. Apart from this, some navigation apps come with community blogs and chat rooms as well so you can ask for advice while you plan your motorcycle road trip. Since you will be relying on your motorcycle through your road trip, you also need to know where you can find the gas stations or a place to repair them in case anything goes wrong. These community pages and chat rooms can especially help you with planning your tour and making it safe so you do not have to think about your safety or the safety of your vehicle.