Basic Checks When You Are Buying A Used Class A Motor Home

A motor home is a great choice if you and your family love to spend time outdoors. According to the statistics portal, a whopping 40.09 million Americans went out camping between the year 2006 and 2013. If you would like to join the growing community of campers by acquiring your very own luxury Class A home on wheels, there is one downside that may deter you- the high cost of these vehicles. Thankfully, you can circumvent this problem by opting for used Class A motor homes.

Why should you take special care when buying used Class A Rigs?

A used abode on wheels has already seen a lot of wear and tear and many of the original parts may have been replaced over the years. Plus, it is possible that the owner is selling the vehicle because it has some issues, such as poor mileage. Not all the issues with the RV will be visible and evident. Problems such as frozen pipes or a faulty heating system are difficult to detect. If you do not want to get saddled with these issues, carry out these basic checks prior to the purchase.

Check no. 1: The mileage

Most motor homes are in the garage until the owner’s annual camping or holidaying time. This is why a really old vehicle may have surprisingly low mileage. While this is good because the parts have experienced little wear and tear, it also means that the rig has been standing unused for long periods of time. Lack of regular use is not good for any kind of equipment, including these mobile homes. That is why, a rig with reasonable mileage may actually be the better option than the one (that is just as old) with very low figures.

Check No. 2: The interiors

Check if the upholstery fabric is supple and resilient to make sure the vehicle has not been exposed to excess heat or cold. Verify if all the features advertised are present and working well. Pay special attention to any signs of major repairs and ask the owner about them. If pests have been running rampant inside the vehicle, you should be able to spot signs of damage they have wrought too, so pay attention to this aspect as well.

Check no. 3: The underside

Crawling under the motor home may not be a pleasant experience but it may be a money-saving one if you find that the frame has a thick coating of rust, indicating poor storage. Make sure that the frame still has the color that it had when the rig rolled out of the shop. Even models in good condition are likely to have minor rust discoloring and this does not indicate any problem with the vehicle. However, excessive rust tells you that it has not been in use and has not been well-maintained. This may be not be the rig you want.

A used Class A motor home in good condition is a great option if you want a comfy vacation home that can give you reliable service for years. Finding one isn’t that difficult too. All you need to do is watch out for red flags and make an informed choice.