Summerland RV: The Perfect Travel Buddy

While traveling is a form of leisure anyone will avail of when given the chance, it comes with inherent hassles as to transporting all of one’s travel necessities. Bringing a bulky backpack or a heavy luggage all the way seem so inconvenient and might still not even be enough. Especially during group excursions, you’ll sometimes wish that you could just put wheels on a house and have it tag along with you. Well, what if I tell you that it’s actually possible?

With careful research and design, a company developed a travel vehicle that can make your road trip more enjoyable. Instead of munching on pre-packed bland food, you get to cook meals on the way with its built-in kitchen. Instead of enduring back pains from rigid seats, you get to comfortably rest on a fixed bed. All these and more with the purchase of a Keystone’s Summerland RV.

Features and Specifications

Summerland RV is a travel trailer developed by a company of name Keystone. It had been identified as one of the leading provider of customized vehicles suited for group trips with family or friends. Let’s take a look at what this travel buddy offers:

  • Customizable Floor Plans and Interior Design

With over ten new designs released per year, Summerland RV can be tailor-fitted to what a customer needs and wants. May it be the length of the vehicle, the built-in fixtures, or the added amenities, the company can offer flexible packages for your benefit.

Furthermore, the standard Summerland RV is adorned with wood works accented with glass or marble details. From its tile flooring to its ceiling designs, its layout emits a comfortable vibe that mimics a typical home’s atmosphere.

  • Kitchen

One of the main highlights of the Summerland RV is its well equipped kitchen area. Usually, it features a set including a microwave oven, a couple of spacious over head cabinets, a wall mounted systems monitor panel, a deep sink with a high spouted faucet, and an added rack for plates, utensils and spices. More than that, it also has built-in water storage that can hold 50 gallons at minimum.

  • Fixtures and Appliances

Adding to its convenience offered, the standard package offered by Summerland SV includes the following equipment and furniture:

  1. Double-door refrigerator
  2. Dinette tables
  3. Bunk or queen beds with innerspring mattresses
  4. AM/FM CD Player
  5. Porcelain tub and toilet
  6. Water heater
  7. Sofa
  8. TV set
  • Safety Feature

Summerland SV also ensures a secured travel for customers. It provides a fire extinguisher, a detector that can warn of any gas leak, a set of carbon monoxide detectors and safety chains as well.


Keystone has varied authorized distributors of Summerland RV across the country. They also have an official website in which you can access their travel trailer models from 2007 to present, its diverse specifications, and offered price packages.


As compared to other company’s version of travel trailers, Keystone’s Summerland RV has achieved a better blend between comfort and portability. Furthermore, it provides high end features at a reasonable price. So if you want your next squad road trip or family bonding to reach optimum convenience, better spend it with a Summerland RV.