About the Lincoln MKC Concept

More than 90 years ago the Ford Motor Company bought out the Lincoln Motor Company, a bold move by Henry Ford to extend his company’s reach into the luxury market. Ford has had varying success with Lincoln, a luxury marque that last held the “best selling luxury brand” title in 1998. These days, Lincoln is outgunned by many nameplates, routinely finishing a distant seventh in an increasingly crowded segment.

Ford has big plans for Lincoln, and has revived the Lincoln Motor Company name to distinguish this brand from Ford. New models are being planned or introduced, with the 2013 MKZ sedan perhaps the most significant change we’ve seen in years. Lincoln has also served up the MKC Concept, a five passenger crossover sport utility vehicle that demonstrates the possibilities for newer, bolder designs.

Concept Vehicle

Like most concepts, the MKC was built to gauge customer reaction. And like most concepts it may never be built, rather its styling cues and other design ideas may find its way to a future model. However, the good money is on the MKC being green-lighted for production, perhaps showing up by 2015 as Lincoln’s newest SUV entry.

Designing a small crossover sport utility vehicle makes sense as this segment is one of the fastest growing among luxury segments. Indeed, in the last year alone the segment has grown by 60 percent or 200 percent over four years. Lincoln wants to get in the game and the MKC would make this possible.

Exterior Design

If the MKC has a familiar look, then you’re an observant person. Lincoln says that the concept derives its DNA from the MKZ sedan, sharing its face and rear treatments on a beautifully sculpted body. Its shoulders have been described as elegant and its wheel arches flow with the concept’s body lines.

Lincoln’s designers took care to ensure that passengers enjoy optimum viewing of their surroundings. Frameless windows are at the heart of that design with a large, panoramic roof also expanding visual acuity. That roof is what is offered in the MKZ, presenting an unparalleled access to the sky without the exposure of a convertible.

Interior Touches

Inside, the Lincoln MKC Concept seats four. Lincoln makes use of high-end materials to present a cabin that is as bright as it is luxurious. Those touches include leather-wrapped pillar, crimson stitch accents, console side rails and wood touches throughout.

Beyond the concept, we know little what Lincoln has in mind underneath the hood. Our best thinking is that some type of EcoBoost four cylinder engine will power this model with perhaps a diesel option introduced later. In any case the Lincoln MKC Concept may soon become a reality, extending the Lincoln line into unchartered compact vehicle territory.