Why Choose A Nissan Pickup For Your Business?

For starters, pickup trucks have a large bed that can accommodate a huge amount of load, making it an ideal vehicle for those who belong to the construction sector.

Because the back half of the truck is open, loading and unloading becomes easier. The truck bed can also handle various types of loads – from boxed containers to heavy furniture and even to two-wheeled vehicles.

As compared with cars, pickup trucks are renowned for their safety. These trucks are built with tough metal materials. Used in conjunction with a good frame, pickups can offer ample protection for the people onboard. Pickup trucks also perform fairly well in a wide variety of weather and road conditions, making them a versatile choice.

Pickup trucks are no second-rate creations when it comes to the power department. A pickup truck can capably handle heavy loads without compromising ride quality and safety. The separation between the cabin and the rear bed gives flexibility to the chassis. This translates to increased durability and greater pulling power.

Thinking of adding a new vehicle to your business’s fleet? The Nissan Pickup offers several compelling reasons why you should choose this capable and reliable performer.

Upon an initial inspection, you will immediately see that this pickup was built with performance in mind. Style-wise, this pickup exudes an aggressive and powerful vibe. The truck bed has a built-in divider well, enabling you to separate loads with greater ease by simply inserting a divider board. The double-walled rear side panels, on the other hand, are built for durability, making this pickup a popular choice for the most demanding of applications. The pickup’s double-walled tailgate is built tough, capable of supporting heavy loads when it is slid out onto the load bed.

The built-in tailgate opens and make tailgate handling easier, while the gas lid can be popped open from inside of the cabin with just one touch of the button. The ventilated front disc bolsters braking performance and safety on the road.

The pickup is available in four versions: the single cab STD-Short Wheel Base version, the Single Cab DX-Short Wheel Base version, the Single Cab STD-Long Wheel Base and the Single Cab DX-Long Wheel Base.

All four versions are powered by a 2.4 liter engine which runs on petrol and they have two-wheel drive and manual transmission. This vehicle model is indeed a smart choice for business. This gives more value to your money, hence, most business experts recommend this. Click here to know more.